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We are conducting telephone interviews with people 18+ who have been arrested and later found the details of their arrest or mugshot online or in print.

Millions of Americans are arrested each year. Increasingly the details of those arrests are made publicly available not only through criminal justice agencies but websites and print weeklies that publish mugshots without those people’s knowledge.

We’ve had friends and loved ones who’ve been arrested and later found their arrest details online. We’re curious how others navigate their public identity, relationships and roles in light of these records becoming increasingly available to the public.

If you’re interested in or have questions about participating in this study, please email us at publicidentity1@gmail.com or call 323-596-7577 to set up a telephone interview with us.

Thank you!

Dr. Danielle Dirks (Principal Investigator)
Emma Zack (Research Assistant)
Kathleen Moriarty (Research Assistant)
Erika Martin (Research Assistant)
Shayna Asher-Schapiro (Research Assistant)
Department of Sociology
Occidental College

This research has been reviewed and approved by the Occidental College Institutional Review Board (Reference # Dirk-D12071).